Applying the Key Healing Factors Into Your Own Life

~ A Self-Paced Online Course by Kelly Turner, PhD ~

Now Open!

Who Is The Course For?

Cancer Patients & Survivors

Friends & Family of Cancer Patients

Anyone Who Wants to Prevent Cancer

What Can I Expect?

This e-course will lead you through tangible action steps that will allow you to bring the Key Healing Factors from Kelly Turner, PhD’s research into your daily life.
The course is based on her NY Times Bestseller Radical Remission (now in 20 languages), and more specifically on her popular, in-person “Radical Remission” workshop.
Thanks to this new e-course, you will be able to experience this workshop from the comfort of your own home, at a pace that suits you.

Are you ready to incorporate the

Key Radical Remission Healing Factors into your life?

What Does It Include?


Lifetime Access to 9 Modules

Where you work through one factor at a time, at your own pace.

Instructional Videos & Worksheets

Prepared by Kelly Turner, PhD, plus downloadable audio files.


You’ll find bonus materials from CAM thought leaders throughout the course.

Praise for the Course

“We all have healing to do. Some of us know what we need to do, but many of us don’t, or are too overwhelmed to go there. Each of the exercises in this amazingly powerful course gave myself – and, more importantly, those who were battling cancer – the tools to help us all achieve the balance we need.”
Carolyn Long, Holistic Healer

Course Participant

“When I found out in that my cancer returned after 9 years and had metastasized, my colleague told me to read Radical Remission. It is my bible! Also, by taking the Radical Remission Course, I got so much more than by just doing the worksheets on my own. I got to hear Kelly’s insight from her research, learned how to prioritize, and made 1-, 6- and 12-month goals. The course gave me the faith that this is the right path to take. I now practice all 9 healing factors and have been able to reverse metastatic liver and bone cancer as of January 2016. This book and course SAVED MY LIFE. Thank you, Kelly!”

Lydia L.

Course Participant

“The course was amazing. I have always been interested in why and how some people survive cancer and others don’t. The information and the way Dr. Kelly Turner presented it made for a fascinating experience. Thank you, Kelly, for the work you do!”

Beatrice Gamboa

Course Participant

“Thank you SO much for the amazing work you are doing! I’m an optimistic person, but sometimes it’s helpful to get hope from outside of yourself. You gave me more options, hope, and the feeling of belonging to the survivor’s world (which I had, but it’s totally different when you see the wide work of so many people). I got stronger and more inspired! Thank you & bless you.”


Course Participant

I liked the practicality of the course as well as the imagination and meditation techniques and the goal session game plan.

R Lets

Course Participant

All aspects resonated with my understanding of wellbeing.”


Course Participant

I liked the combination of Dr. Turner’s research and her nonjudgemental way of presenting it.”

Miracle Steinfeld

Course Participant

My awareness of whole self-care has increased even more and this course has inspired me to reflect and enhance my choices each day as well as nurture my life overall!

Robin Bavaro

Course Participant

I loved the dive into each topic and the way it reinforces the information in the book. The course & the book are full of practical suggestions which are incredibly helpful. Kelly, thank you so much for your work! I’ve read Radical Remission & Radical Hope cover-to-cover, and both were inspiring. I’ve bought copies for two friends who are also dealing with cancer, and they were so appreciative of your message of hope and your practical suggestions.

Hope C

Course Participant

I am looking forward to taking the training and coaching program next as a licensed social worker and health educator. Thank you for this great program!


Course Participant

“Having read the book more than once, this course amplified each of the nine aspects and brought them more to life.


Course Participant

Did you miss the Free Q&A Call with Kelly Turner?

You can still get a copy of the recording:

Course Content

Kelly Turner, PhD has spent over a decade analyzing more than 1,500 cases of radical remission — people who survive cancer against all odds — and distilled the common threads from these extraordinary examples of healing. Whether you are trying to prevent cancer or overcome it, this course will give you the tools you need to thrive and the support to start using them, right from the first module.


Module 1

Finding Strong Reasons For Living

Module 2

Taking Control of Your Health

Module 3

Radically Changing Your Diet

Module 4

Following Your Intuition

Module 5

Releasing Suppressed Emotions

Module 6

Increasing Positive Emotions

Module 7

Taking Herbs & Supplements

Module 8

Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Module 9

Embracing Social Support

PLUS!  Exclusive Bonus Materials from Industry Pioneers Dr. Lissa Rankin, Chris Wark, Dr. Pam Popper and more!

Radical Remission Has Been Featured On…

More Praise for the Course

“I liked that the structure of the course was consistent, and came to look forward to each part of it–videos, worksheets, Q&A and bonus. I noticed that I felt happy and energized each time I worked on the course. I think this was because of the focus on making an action plan, and making that plan in small workable steps. For a course that is online, it felt like there was a lot of support for learning and integration.”
Ruth M.

Course Participant

“This was an AMAZING workshop for me. As a cancer patient, it not only gave me hope, but also tools to start me on my new journey. Dr. Turner’s intelligence, compassion, and organization were the best I have seen in any workshop I have ever taken – and I have taken a lot of workshops!”
Karin W.

Course Participant

“I loved the openness to (and sharing of) a variety of methods for healing from a multicultural perspective- there’s ‘no one way’…”
Kathy M.

Course Participant

“I really loved the breakout rooms and getting to know the other participants.”
Kat S.

Course Participant

I felt very empowered and hopeful during this course. It gave me something to focus on that wasn’t cancer. It helped me improve my quality of life.

Anjali A.

Course Participant

“The course was a wake up call for me as to some of the areas (especially social connections) I need to concentrate on. I really appreciate Kelly’s very welcoming and sincere style in the way she delivers the information.  I also appreciated how clear and concise the information was presented. The worksheet with each chapter really honed in specifically how I can make changes!”
Mary Ann

Course Participant

“This course was invaluable in reinforcing the information I received in reading the book, “Radical Remission.” Dr. Kelly Turner is personable, attentive, informative, and compassionate. Personally, I have benefited from exploring alternative healing methods and incorporating them into my protocol.”
Judith Schwartz, M.A.

Course Participant

I am loving this course!! I was diagnosed in Dec. 2008 with Stage IIB breast cancer with 3 positive lymph nodes. What a roller coaster it has been, but changed my life for the better in every way. I had a mastectomy, but refused chemo, radiation, herceptin, tamoxifen…& was told by 2 doctors that I would be dead in 5 years. I never went back to those doctors, however, I DID radically change my diet to an organic plant based diet with many green smoothies per day & lots of supplements. I worked with a naturopath for the 1st year but then began to really dive into the research on my own, and have since become a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Cancer Nutrition Educator, & Lifestyle Health Coach. Two years after my diagnosis I competed in my 1st Fitness competition. Since then, I have competed in 2 more as a reminder to myself that I am stronger than cancer. I find that the mental & emotional part of cancer has been the most challenging part for me to overcome. I can discipline my body to workout & eat clean with relative ease, but I sometimes still battle with that little voice that says ‘what if it comes back’. That is why I continue to seek powerful wisdom like Kelly is sharing in this course!! Thank you Kelly!!”


Course Participant

“Dr. Kelly Turner’s healing and empowering workshop, based on her original, rigorous research, is  inspiring and life-changing!  She’s a heart-centered scientist and lecturer who is not only brilliant and insightful, but also funny, down-to-earth, caring, well-organized, and articulate, making her the perfect guide for anyone who is ready to embark on their journey towards health!  Best of all, Dr. Turner has carefully designed original activities for each of the 9 healing factors she discovered to support our learning and growth in a fun and engaging way!  I wholeheartedly recommend her workshop to any cancer survivor… along with her book!”
Dr. Wendy Treynor, Social Scientist

Course Participant

I just started this course last week…doing one module each week…though I read [Kelly’s] RR book last year. It has been a real touchstone for me, so I am glad to see this course option & group sharing component too. I was diagnosed with breast cancer recurrence in 2014…’bone-only’ disease my oncologist called it…and am ‘stable’ but hoping & working for ‘in full health’ and ‘healed.’

Britta D.

Course Participant

I liked that the course was delivered in bite size segments. Particularly good for someone who has no energy, needs to do it a bit at a time, etc. It was also full of great information, bonuses and survivor stories which were inspiring!

Irena - Rockwood, Ontario, Canada

Course Participant

“Thanks so much for the amazing course! I am a therapist working with families with usually young children where someone has cancer. Your work is giving help and hope to so many. Thank you!”

Catherine A.

Course Participant

“I liked that you gave us work sheets, so it felt to me like I was there with you, and will help me incorporate changes into my life. I liked the FAQ at the end of each module, and listening to the insights and questions of the participants with you (physically). I liked hearing about research relevant to the 9 healing factors and more amazing personal stories.”

Shelly Keren

Course Participant

” I liked the practical changes and choices for my daily life that I could begin immediately.”

R.M. Lee

Course Participant

“The worksheets and exercises were so valuable.”

M. Simmons

Course Participant

“The course is another way to connect with the 10 factors in Radical Remission and Radical Hope. It helped me to stay focused on my health goals by reinforcing why all of these factors are so important to staying healthy. I made many changes to incorporate the 9 factors after reading Radical Remission several years ago. However, I have re-read the book at least 4 times, just completed this course and am reading Radical Hope. Every time I have a touch-point to the 9/10 healing factors, I find something to re-focus on because I am always a work in progress.”

Leslie Thorpe

Course Participant

“I appreciate that this course had such great information, and things I could do immediately.”


Course Participant

“I’m 43, married and have 3 amazing children. I was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer last year. My youngest son developed a bleeding disorder 3 years ago at 6 years old. I heard of this book and loved the concept of it so I thought if it can help cancer patients maybe it could help my son who has this scary “autoimmune” disease that is “idiopathic”. So when I was in the hospital and had just received a colostomy and my diagnosis I had the Radical Remission book in my purse. It was meant to be. I finished reading it in the hospitals and started to put all key factors into action. I’ve always eaten healthy, exercised, I love nature and never ever thought this would happen to me. But I was stressed and I had trauma…so this is what I’ve been focusing on the most. Thank you….for your work and research and this amazing book and course.


Course Participant

Dr. Turner is evidence-informed, approachable, compassionate and caring. She explains things well and is interesting. I really enjoyed listening to all the stories. I also liked the worksheets – very easy to focus, personalize and apply the information to my particular situation. For the most part, I learned a lot from the bonus information (love, love, love Alissa Rankin’s work). It opened up quite a few new ideas and resources for me. After reading the book, I jumped in and tackled the easy stuff: diet, herbs and supplements, and increasing social support. I took baby steps toward controlling my health, listening to my intuition and increasing positive emotions. After carefully working my way through the course, I gained the knowledge, developed the skills, and cultivated the courage to dig deep into the tough stuff…making changes in all the rest: purpose, really taking control (and responsibility/accountability) of my health, practicing ways to develop my intuition, releasing suppressed emotions (LOTS here), and deepening spiritual connection. I also added consistent and diverse types of exercise. The course was self-paced and a solo journey. Deepest gratitude to all for creating this course. It really took the book from “what” to “how and why.”


Course Participant

I thought it was AMAZING!! I felt so empowered every day! The workshop really did give me hope. It has changed my life. I am blessed that my intuition led me to the Radical Remission workshop!


Course Participant

I don’t feel alone in my journey now and I have the courage to forge my own path without the anxiety of thinking I am going it alone. Thank you so much for your work and making it accessible and a pleasure to follow.

Eliz Lynch

Course Participant

 “So much of what was presented really validated that I am on the right track but it also provided so many great new resources for me to continue to explore.”


Course Participant

This was very helpful in bringing some cohesion to the many ideas the book prompted and motivated me to act now. It also gave more in depth thought to areas I had given less weight to, beginning to recognize the need to balance all these aspects of self-care.

Theresa W.

Course Participant

It gave an easily accessible structure for empowering myself to take control of my own care. All speakers were very encouraging and supportive and heartfully present in whatever they said.

Deborah R.B.

Course Participant

How well everything was explained while being non judgmental, the actionable steps we could take as students…the exercises and examples and all the resources! Just everything about it!


Course Participant


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start the course whenever I want?
Yes! This course is a self-study course. That means you can start and stop the course as your schedule allows, and watch the videos and complete the worksheets at your own pace. Some people will choose to complete the course in just a few weeks; others may take months.You can also revisit the course modules as often as you’d like, since you’ll have lifetime access to the course.
Is the course different from the book?
Yes, the course is different from the book in that it focuses on applying the nine healing factors into your life. In other words, it expands greatly upon the “Action Steps” that are listed briefly at the end of each chapter, offering you videos, research studies, real-life healing examples, exercises, and worksheets that are all specifically designed to help you start practicing each of the nine healing factors right away.
Will the course cure my cancer?
We can in no way guarantee that this course will help your cancer go away. However, independent studies have shown that practicing these nine healing factors significantly boosts the immune system. Therefore, it is very likely that practicing the nine healing factors as described in this course will help your immune system get stronger. Nonetheless, please note that this course is educational in nature, and is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
Do I have to read the book before taking the course?
Reading Dr. Turner’s book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds,  is strongly recommended before taking this online course, since the course applies the principles outlined in the book. You can purchase the book online in paperback, e-book, or audiobook format, or request it from your local library.
How much does the course cost?

As shown above, the price of the course – which includes lifetime access to 9 modules of content, instructional videos & worksheets prepared by Kelly Turner, PhD, downloadable audio files, and bonus materials from CAM thought leaders – is $275. You can start and stop the course as your schedule allows, and revisit the 9 modules whenever you’d like.

Can I buy the course for a friend?
Yes. Simply purchase the course with your payment info, but enter in your friend’s name and email address in the Contact Information section. That way, the course log-in information will be sent to your friend, allowing him/her to log in and begin the course immediately.
Why isn’t the course free? / Do you have scholarships?
The cost of the course reflects the approximate 9 hours of university-level content that it includes, and is far more cost effective than a comparable 9-week course you might take at a university taught by a PhD researcher. The cost also reflects the significant costs for many contractors and vendors to provide the filming, editing, website building, software and marketing of the course, as well as the many years of extensive time in research and development.

That being said, this course will always be available at www.RadicalRemissionCourse.com, so you may purchase it whenever you are able.

If you are in need of assistance please reach out to [email protected] and we can send you the application and requirements.

Finally, Dr. Turner is committed to  making this important work accessible and therefore recommends that you follow the action steps listed at the end of each chapter of her book, which is available for free at your local library, if you cannot afford to take the course at this time.

Do you offer refunds?
This course is a digital program available for instant viewing and downloading, which means once you have access to it, there is no way for you to return it. Therefore, the course is not refundable. We urge you to review carefully the course description page(s) before making any purchases. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] before making your purchase.

More Questions About the Course?

Please note: If you just purchased the course and can’t find the email with your registration instructions, please be sure to check your email account that is associated with your Paypal account.  Also check any Spam folders and ‘Promotions’ tabs in your email account. If you still can’t find your registration email, or if you have other questions, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

More Praise for the Course

“Wow wow wow wow we have just been doing step 4 Listen to your intuition and it is MIND BLOWING. Everyone has to get this course, it is unbelievable value for money. My favorite part of the classes were the short, concise videos. They were really achievable, entertaining, BRILLIANT. This has given me something to give my clients and others who ask me for help. I think this course is as close to perfect as you can get. I want to give just a huge thanks from a therapist passionate about getting this out to the masses.””

Lilia Letitgo Sinclair

Course Participant

“This course gave me comprehensive ways to implement the factors from the Radical Remission book I have read repeatedly since 2014. I implement each of the 9 factors in my own healing plan…This course provides a solid base plan in order for each person to gather their options for their best treatment plan!”

Shari S.

Course Participant

“I have decided to live more ‘my kind of life and do more things I love and love the things I do…'”

Johanna S.

Course Participant

“I like how on each worksheet we can work on it on our own. They are very inspirational and kept me always positive, which I needed. I manage to sort out my mind and made clear goals to myself.”


Course Participant

“I just finished this fantastic course. I retired from my stressful job and trained to be a Yoga instructor during my year of consolidation chemo. During this course I realized that In making this one change I fulfilled so many of the nine factors: Now I teach Yoga to children with special needs and that certainly gives me a strong reason for living. By doing something so healthy for my body and spirit, I feel more in control of my health. Deciding to train to be a Yoga instructor was definitely following my intuition. My training has also focused quite a bit on meditation which I now do twice a day. Meditation and yoga have helped me to release suppressed emotions and increase positive emotions. Yoga has a strong spiritual component and it has certainly deepened my spiritual connection. Through the yoga school I have made new friends and enlarged and enhanced my social network.”

Mary H.

Course Participant

“Good reminders, tools, ideas.”

Jolie H.

Course Participant

“Hey everyone, I have just completed module 4 on developing your intuition. I really enjoyed completing the module, I had taken quite a long break of about a month or so after I finished module 3. What’s really interesting is I felt a strong urge to do it this evening, and I now know , it was to answer a question I asked of God today. I had an appointment with my naturopath this morning and she recommended that I see a kinesiologist and gave me a name a number. I contacted the lady and she said that she didn’t do kinesiology, but she was an energy healer/ counselor. She explained about her work and I agreed to make an appointment . I then felt a little unsure about ‘energy healing’ as I know nothing about it and so prayed for some direction. So, after completing module 4 , I feel I have my answer! I also loved the guided imagery!”

Sarah L.

Course Participant

“[The best thing about this course is] the ease of completing each module… Plus, the bonus for each module helps to give a better understanding.”

Course Participant

“Hello! My name is Sharon. My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after being in remission from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2011. What a journey this is for us! We’ve been through the conventional chemotherapy both the last diagnosis and with this one as well. The difference is that we now are working with integrative oncology and nutrition with supplements are making a real difference. I am learning so much and am so thankful for this course!”

Sharon B.

Course Participant

“It’s hard to pick one thing I liked best about the course. All the great information which will help me help my patients! I am a therapist working with families with young children where someone has cancer. There are lots of ways that they can take more control and make changes to heal. I really appreciate being able to take this online and to have so many concrete ways to help people, along with research to help the skeptics. I give this course 5 out of 5 stars – amazing!”
Catherine A.

Course Participant, Health Professional

“[The best thing about this course was that the] content distribution and pacing were exceptional!”
Kimberly K.

Course Participant

“This course is inspiring me to really change to become the best and healthiest I can be in every way. It has inspired me to take control of my health. I am the only one that really can do this. I give this course the top rating – 5 out of 5 stars.”

Course Participant

“I… made most of the changes almost three years following a radical hysterectomy and cancer diagnosis (I am cancer free and very, very well!) But after the Radical Remission course, I am pursuing my spiritual connection with more commitment and creativity.”

Course Participant

“I really liked the format and the availability to use on my schedule. I loved the wonderful information provided and the handouts and bonus information were especially helpful!”

Course Participant

“Thank you, Kelly, for a wonderful course! I enjoyed the videos and bonus materials which complemented the lectures very well. It was presented in a very user friendly format and just the right length as well. Wonderful information and the survivor stories were very inspiring! I’ve realized that I have some more work to do in other areas such as social support, increasing positive emotions and implementing a deeper spiritual connection practice…”
Kristi Cromwell

Course Participant

“[The best thing about this course was that] all videos were actually made by Kelly Turner.”

Course Participant

“I appreciated Kelly’s enthusiasm and passion for this important subject…”

Course Participant

“[The best thing about the course is] Dr. Turner’s manner (down to earth, easy going, not preachy or teachy), the breadth of the content, the emphasis on each individual doing what is best for them and trusting their intuition and judgments, easy/short modules, bonus materials- there were LOTS of things I liked best!”
Lindsay B.

Course Participant

“I knew most of the content and had practiced many of them, but I had not been 100% serious… This course made me truly commit to do them.”

Course Participant

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